Heart to Hands



Heart to Hands: A Solo Piano Retrospective- This retrospective compilation features some of Philip Wesley’s most beloved solo piano works spanning his first five albums over the course of a decade. All the songs have been re-recorded and remastered. For those familiar with Philip Wesley’s music, it will be like hearing them again for the first time. For those who are not familiar with his music, this is the perfect place to start. Tender, romantic, introspective, powerful, and intense. A master of the contemporary solo piano genre, Philip presents a soul-stirring album for a worldwide audience. Includes the following 12 songs: Lamentations of the Heart, Wings to Freedom, Light & Shadow, Comfort & Joy, Dark Night of the Soul, At This Moment, Leaving the Darkness Behind, Love Remembered, The Unknown, Equestrian Dream, Racing Against the Sunset, Second Chances.


  1. Mainly Piano

    Heart to Hands is a ten-year retrospective of Philip Wesley’s solo piano music from his first five albums and spanning the years 2002-2012. Ten years in anyone’s life includes a lot of changes – ups, downs, joys, sorrows, love, loss, heartbreak, redemption, etc. – and this album is reflective of those changes in Philip Wesley’s life. Wesley’s music has become very popular over the past ten years and I think that is primarily because he expresses himself at the piano in such a way that people can take his music to heart and relate it to their own lives.

    Rather than simply re-using the twelve songs from the original recordings, Wesley re-recorded them and gave them all a fresh take. Music has a tendency to evolve right along with the composers, so this recording reflects how Wesley plays these pieces now. Recording all of the music on the same piano gives it a consistent sound from track to track, which in this case is warm and very clear without being overly bright – a very beautiful and natural piano sound.

    Even if you have all of Philip Wesley’s previous recordings, Heart to Hands is a must for your collection. If you are new to his music, this is a great place to start! It is available from philipwesley.com, Recommended!

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