Music Theory Series: Harmonic Minor Scale

Welcome back to my music theory series. This month we’re going to cover the harmonic minor scale.

This is a really fun scale to play. It takes the natural minor scale and raises the 7th degree of the scale by a half step. So for example if we’re in the key of A Minor, then the note G would be raised to G Sharp before resolving to the note A.

Let’s take a look what that would look like on the treble staff below…

And now on the piano keyboard…

The raising of the 7th degree of the scale gives it a bit of a more exotic or even middle eastern sound. A good example of the use of the harmonic minor scale in my own music is ‘Tears of the East’

The song is in the key of A Minor but starts off on the 5th degree of the scale with a tremelo effect in the left hand. You’ll notice all the G sharps in the opening measures of the song.

You could literally go around the circle of fifths and build any minor scale into a harmonic minor scale by raising the 7th degree.

Until next time practice building and playing your harmonic minor scales!

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