America the Beautiful- Behind the music.

This week we observe Veteran’s Day (formerly known as Armistice Day). If you’ve served, thank you kindly for your service. As such I’m including my ‘behind the music’ this week for the patriotic song ‘America the Beautiful.’ The music was originally written in 1883 by Samuel A Ward. Since then it has been recorded countless times by crooners like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles. Country artists like Trace Adkins, Vince Gill, Toby Keith, Kenny Rogers, among others.

My solo piano version of the song is in G Major and starts off the first few measures with block chords in the left hand and a counter melody played very reverently. By the 5th measure the familiar melody comes in with the block chords. As the song progresses it picks up speed and the left hand changes to more arpeggio patterns.

My favorite part of my arrangement of the song is the ending. Check it out here…

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Want to learn how to play my arrangement of America the Beautiful on your piano or keyboard? Check it out here

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