Amazing Grace- Behind the Music.

Welcome to my behind the music series. This week I feature my arrangement of Amazing Grace. First a little background about this hymn…

Originally published in 1779 by English clergyman John Newton. It wasn’t until 1835 when American composer William Walker set it to the melody that is most known today.

The message of the song is about redemption and forgiveness regardless of sin through the mercy of god. A universal message that has found it’s way into not only sacred music but secular music as well. It’s one of the most popular and recorded hymns in music history.

Over the years, I’ve had fans of my music ask me if I had any albums with hymns on them, and I didn’t until I recorded my album ‘Hope Endures.’ I felt that was the perfect album to include ‘Amazing Grace.’

Traditionally the hymn is in 3/4 time. My arrangement starts off with a haunting pattern in the left hand in 4/4 time. You don’t even recognize it as ‘Amazing Grace’ at first. Then the melody comes in, still unrecognizable to some, until about 1:10 into the song, then it’s performed with a more traditional feel.

You can stream my version of Amazing Grace at the following places…

Spotify here

Pandora, Philip Wesley Radio

Pandora, Amazing Grace Radio

Apple Music, Amazing Grace

Looking to learn how to play Amazing Grace on your piano or keyboard? Sheet music here

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