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Beyond Cloud Nine
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Beyond Cloud Nine
1 - Falling for You
- +
2 - Sweetest Dream
- +
3 - Firefly Light
- +
4 - Love's Crush
- +
5 - Beyond Cloud Nine
- +
6 - Beneath the Same Sky
- +
7 - Day We Met
- +
8 - In Your Eyes
- +
9 - Dreaming in Color
- +
10 - Summer Fields
- +
11 - Push Pull
- +
12 - Infinite
- +
13 - It's Always Been You
- +
14 - Flutter
- +
15 - Reasons for Leaving
- +
16 - Ripple Across Time
- +
Newest Album! Already a fan favorite!

Debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts for Philip's genre of music.

Warm, lush, romantic pianoscapes.

A piano driven album, and Philip's first album to feature other instrumentation including cello and strings.

Embellishments that create a nice dialog with the piano.

Love can be quite complicated sometimes. It isn't always a nice, neat little box with a bow around it. Sometimes love can make you feel like you're walking on cloud nine. Other times it absolutely breaks your heart or turns your world upside down. Love is a complicated term with lots of different meanings. Everything from interpersonal affection towards others, to pleasure, to a strong emotional attachment to people, places, things or ideas.

For many years now, I've wanted to do this kind of project. Not only for myself, but also for my fans. From time to time, I would have fans asking me if I had any 'romantic' sounding type music. My typical response was 'well I have a song like that on this album or that album.' But never really anything resembling a more cohesive album. Keep in mind for a while now I've been most known for writing dark, broody, and emotionally raw type piano music. And while that's been great for me and my fans, I also wanted to branch out a bit with this project. And while many of the songs could be considered more 'romantic' a few songs on the album are also more dreamy, ethereal, and ambient.

This project is one with lots of major keys. A big departure from previous projects like Transcend (all minor keys) or Dark Night of the Soul (mostly minor keys) I intentionally kept this project a bit more light and airy sounding. And for the first time ever, embellished with other instruments. While this is very much a piano driven album, I think you'll appreciate the pleasant surprise of other instrumentation. It definitely lends itself well to the piano. Nothing too over the top, but rather a beautiful dialog with the piano.

With these thoughts in mind I give you my 8th album... Beyond Cloud Nine
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