The Chase – Transcend – Sheet Music


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  1. Ike

    One of my favorite pieces! When played well, you can see the hart leaping through the mossy forest, and feel the wind flow through your hair and the branches whiz past your face as you follow in close pursuit. This song is very fun to play and very good at grabbing an audience’s attention. As always, Wesley leaves room for the performer to add a plethora of emotions and to create with sound the romantic atmosphere of the chase.

  2. Gabriel

    Hi Philip Welsey
    I have a very important question I keep on having trouble on your song “THE CHASE” and I was wondering if I was playing it right the 7th measure all the way to measure 12 when i play that part It doesnt sound like the way you play it and was wondering if I has changed or if your going so fast it sounds different. if you can reply back to me I would and will be very grateful, And by the way I love that song so much that’s why I want to learn it so bad.
    Thank you

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