Lamentations of the Heart – Dark Night of the Soul – Sheet Music


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This is a digital product. All sheet music are PDFs that you download or print from your computer or device.


  1. Suzie Grégoire

    Cette mélodie comme toutes les autres a du panache et est tellement naturelle dans son mouvement sur la piano!

  2. Anthony Aviguetero

    I am a classically trained music teacher, and have been searching for music beyond Mozart and Beethoven for my students who were longing more for a “contemporary” sound (and I don’t mean Prokofiev). They love your music! Thank you for taking the time to offer your sheet music to aspiring young musicians who are longing for something more.

  3. Philip Wesley

    Wijnand, if you’re reading this please check your hotmail account. Inbox, junk/spam folder.

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