Infinite: Behind the music.

‘Infinite’ is a song from my ‘Beyond Cloud Nine’ album. It’s in E Major and 3/4 time. I just love the waltz tempo of this song. It’s one of the few songs in my catalog that includes not only a string section and cello but also a choir/vocal section helping to give it a heavenly other worldly feel. You’ll also notice the occasional ring of a bell chime in the background. I think one of my favorite parts of the song is the key change at about the 1:35 mark modulating from E Major to C Major and back to E Major. Lot’s of accidental notes in that section.

The song is essentially about the infinite love that you feel for others but also the infinite love that God has for us.

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Want to learn how to play ‘Infinite’ on your piano or keyboard? Sheet music available HERE

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