I’m Running Out Of Room

To date I’ve been releasing my music in CD format for almost 16 years. The more CD titles I release the less space I have to store them.

My CD warehouse is overflowing! So I started converting my CD titles from jewel cases to digipacks and sleeves.

Jewel cases look great and have been the industry standard for a very long time when it comes to CD packaging. But they tend me be more fragile and take up more space.

A digipack is kind of like a jewel case except it uses less plastic and about half the thickness so it saves space while still having a spine.

Sleeves are great because other than the shrink wrap, there is no plastic in the packaging. Much better for the environment. And typically uses recycled material in the packaging.

Additionally sleeves take up a fraction of the space. For example a box that typically holds 10 CDs could easily hold 30 sleeves!  Much easier to ship.

As of right now here is the CD packaging format for all my titles…

Beyond Cloud Nine- digipack

Transcend- digipack

Heart to Hands- jewel case

Hope Endures- jewel case

Dark Night of the Soul- jewel case and sleeves (once the jewel case versions are sold out that’s it! Only sleeves will be left!) 

Comfort and Joy- jewel cases

In a Lifetime- jewel cases

Finding Solace- jewel cases and sleeves (once the jewel case versions are sold out that’s it! Only sleeves will be left!) 

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Questions? Send me a message HERE. I’m always an email away and happy to help!

As always thanks for being an awesome fan of my music!


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  1. Jimmy Podhorsky September 9, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Mr. Philip, You literally stopped me in my tracks today. I was doing some updates/repairs on several laptops and decided to listen to “Classical for Learning” Pandora station and after listening for awhile “Unbridled Spirit” came on, that one piece changed the course of my whole afternoon now. As a music lover this has happened before where I’ll hear a good tune for the 1st time then spend hours searching the artist’s music library for something just as inspirational to only be let down. You on the other hand.are just the opposite, I can’t seem to find anything I don’t enjoy and find myself wanting to listen to every note from start to finish. Now through your website learning that you are available for private concerts I definitely see an upcoming venue in Houston Tx. Thank you for your inspirational contributions, You truly are gifted and Blessed, Jimmy.

    • Philip Wesley September 14, 2018 at 6:39 pm

      Thank you for your kind words Jimmy. And thank you for listening to my music. If you haven’t already be sure to create a Philip Wesley station on Pandora. You can also create Pandora stations based off the names of my albums and songs. Be sure to subscribe on the get updates page here https://philipwesley.com/get-updates/ so we can keep in touch. Thanks again.

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