Come Thou Fount- Behind the music.

‘Come Thou Fount’ is a popular hymn originally written in 1758 by pastor Robert Robinson. The melody is based on the American folk tune ‘Nettleton’ by John Wyeth.

Over the years ‘Come Thou Fount’ has been recorded by several artists including David Crowder, Jars of Clay, Chris Tomlin, etc.

My recording of the song is in D Major, starts off slowly and then picks up tempo in a very spirited manner weaving in and out of meters 4/4, 3/4, 2/4. Over the years I’ve had fans ask me if I had any albums with hymns and for a while I never did until I released my album ‘Hope Endures’

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Want to learn how to play ‘Come Thou Fount’ on your piano or keyboard? Sheet Music available HERE

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