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Philip Wesley is a solo piano artist who releases his music independently. His music has been featured in radio, TV, film and print and can be found on many of today’s most popular platforms including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. His music is popular in the ‘New Age’ genre and has reached #1 on the iTunes charts, The Top 100 on Amazon, #1 on Amazon New Age Music, Best Seller at CD Baby, and #12 on the Billboard Charts (New Age Catalog Chart) sharing company with other well known performers The Piano Guys and Jim Brickman.  Music reviewer ‘Reviews New Age’ recently hailed Philip’s immensely popular album ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ as one of the “50 Greatest New Age Albums of All Time.”


Welcome to my official website!  I’m Philip Wesley, solo piano artist/composer.  My goal is to bring beautiful and inspiring solo piano music into your life.

Regardless if you love to just listen or if you are a piano student, teacher or player,  I create solo piano music for the soul that is also fun to learn to play.

Born and raised to be an athlete, I instead found another calling and developed a passion and talent for composing modern piano music.  I knew at the age of 20 that this is what I wanted to do with my life.  I’ve spent years honing my craft of composing, recording, and releasing my music.  I inspire people everyday to want to learn how to play the piano, and more specifically my own music as the spark that gets them going.

That is why I have created a variety of products on this site including… CDs, MP3s, sheet music and songbooks.


2016 Beyond Cloud Nine

2014- Transcend

2012- Heart to Hands

2012- Hope Endures

2008- Dark Night of the Soul

2005- Comfort and Joy

2004- In a Lifetime’

2002- ‘Finding Solace’



Beyond Cloud Nine-Songbook


Heart to Hands: A Solo Piano Retrospective-Songbook

Hope Endures-Songbook

Dark Night of the Soul-Songbook

Comfort & Joy-Songbook

Selections from In a Lifetime-Songbook

Finding Solace-Songbook

The Philip Wesley Solo Piano Collection Volume 1-Songbook

The Philip Wesley Solo Piano Collection Volume 2-Songbook

The Philip Wesley Solo Piano Collection Volume 3-Songbook

The Philip Wesley Solo Piano Collection Volume 4-Songbook

The Philip Wesley Solo Piano Collection Volume 5-Songbook


I love and care deeply about my fans.  I personally autograph and ship all CDs and printed songbooks from this website.  I read and answer every single email that gets sent to me.  I hang out with my fans at concerts, take picture with them and autograph their merchandise.  I stay until the last person leaves.  Whenever I offer a new product, special discounts, free giveaways, and concert announcements, my newsletter subscribers get the inside scoop.


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“I was out shopping one day and heard music playing overhead.  So I whipped out my phone and used an app to see what it was and discovered one of your songs!  I immediately did a Google search and found this site and bought the sheet music.  Thanks so much for offering your sheet music on your site!  It was so easy to download the PDF!  I’m having such a great time playing your music.”  Rebecca- sheet music fan

“I just received my printed songbook in the mail today!  I couldn’t be more excited to get home to my piano today!”  Saige- songbook fan

“Thanks for answering all my questions!  I wish I got great customer service from the composer when trying to learn a Beethoven piece!”  Nick- sheet music fan

“Listening to one of your songs right now.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but you are amazing!   Just downloaded one of your albums from your site and loving it!  Thanks for making your site so easy to navigate and for the discounts on autographed CDs!” Susan- album fan

“Awesome teacher moment just happened.  I had recording artist Philip Wesley personally call one of my piano students to wish her good luck on her piano audition.  She is playing a Philip Wesley song and is so excited!  Thanks Philip!”  Melissa- piano teacher

“I really just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts with you. Your music inspires me in many ways and I listen to at least one song daily. Every song on your Dark night of the Soul album is used in my life for different events. From “The Approaching night” being the song I listen to when walking home from work in the city of Chicago as a wind down for the day to “Soul’s Lament” when I am feeling the need to be extra productive at work.  I started listening to your music back when I moved back when Grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I will try not to get to “heavy” but you need to know that your music helped me get through some VERY tough times.  Most notable moment was when you were playing at a piano store in Northbrook, Illinois and I got there insanely early. You were warming up and asked what song of yours I really liked. I said “Soul’s Lament” and you mentioned that you were not playing that song tonight but you would play it for me as you warmed up. No one else was there yet and it was like you were playing a private show just for me. After listening to your music for over a year straight, that was a big moment for me. I tell that story to everyone and after, they come back to me for more recommendations for music of yours to listen too. I happily oblige.”  Ryan-concert fan



“Life includes lots of ups and downs, joys, sorrows, loss, redemption, etc.  Philip’s music is reflective of those changes.  His music has become very popular over the past several years and I think it is primarily because he expresses himself at the piano in such a way that people can take his music to heart and relate it to their own lives.”  Kathy Parsons- Mainly Piano Publications

Hope Endures-  Four years have passed since Philip Wesley released his most ambitious project to date courtesy of the moody and more introspective Dark Night of the Soul. While his prior recording was written during a dark time in his life, Hope Endures from the artwork to the music reflects a more optimistic recording. Stylistically, it also reflects an artist that is increasingly discovering his own musical voice.  Hope Endures essentially picks up where Dark Night of the Soul left off opening with two rather stark songs courtesy of “The Unknown” and “Leaving the Darkness”. “Leaving The Darkness” is not quite as bleak but still conflicted as it is countered back and forth with buoyant passages. Wesley then shifts gears finding hope by loosely borrowing from the hymn of all ages “Amazing Grace”, though adding his own unique arrangement to the classic. Similar themes occur on “What A Friend” which generously borrows from the hymn “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” and “Come Thou Fount” where Wesley places his own musical DNA on the classics.  Otherwise, the majority of the tracks are self composed and bring a sense of energy and vibrancy as reflected on “New Beginnings” and to a lesser extent “Second Chances”. Then there is the simply gorgeous spacious title track that is understated yet thoroughly moving. This may be one of Wesley’s most precious compositions.  If one were to include his holiday recording Comfort & Joy, Hope Endures represents Wesley’s fifth recording to date and arguably also one of his best. It also reflects an artist that has not only made a personal transition from darkness to hope but one whom is finding more and more his own musical voice.”  Michael Debbage- Mainly Piano Publications

Dark Night of the Soul-  is Philip Wesley’s fourth solo piano CD and his first in three years. As the title suggests, quite a bit of the music is dark and turbulent, but it is never without hope or a sense of moving forward. Some of the pieces are quite energetic while others are calm and reflective. I have reviewed Wesley’s previous albums, and think this is his best CD to date. It is a very solid, very expressive album, beautifully engineered.  “Tears of the East” begins the CD. The opening bars are a rumble from the low end of the piano followed by a Middle-Eastern-style introduction. The piece itself conveys longing and melancholy – an eloquent beginning. “Racing Against the Sunset” has a powerful energy and a feeling of urgency. I really like this one and think it would be fun to play! “The Approaching Night” is delicate and sparkling, like watching the stars emerge in the darkening sky – also a beauty. The title track is kind of a soliloquy – very lonely, deeply emotional, and honest – and is one of Wesley’s best pieces to date. “Lamentations Of the Heart” first appeared on Wesley’s 2002 “Finding Solace,” and is one of his most popular pieces – with good reason. I enjoy playing and teaching this piece, too! “Light and Shadow” is another favorite. It has a swirling energy that dances around in the upper registers of the piano, yet it is very calming and soulful. Perhaps the high dancing notes represent the light and the lower, more subtle passages are the shadow – very effective.  The graceful and flowing “Into the Light” carries a sense of unburdening and breaking through after a difficult period of life. “New Day” is full of hope and anticipation for a fresh start – lovely! “Two Souls” concludes the CD with a wistful, dreamy piece that is more ambient than the others. Reflective and warm, it’s a bittersweet and satisfying finish. “Dark Night of the Soul” is a great choice if you are looking for powerful but reflective solo piano music.”  Kathy Parsons- Mainly Piano Publications

Comfort & Joy-  The true message of Christmas is celebrating and remembering the birth of Christ. Since then it has been somewhat commercialized yet even here the love of friends and family gathering together to exchange gifts still holds partly true to the spirit of the first Christmas. The season for the most part brings both comfort and joy thus the title of this album as well as the spirit in which the music was arranged manifests that spirit.  The album’s opener “Away In A Manger” is mixed effortlessly with the softness of “Brahms Lullaby”. Add the “Greensleeves/What Child Is This?” alongside the original composition “In The Eyes Of A Child” and the album focuses you back on the comfort of the Christ child willing to come down from the heavens to earth. Combined with the purity of “Silent Night” it will bring back memories of your childhood as your restless head finally drifted off to dreamland on Christmas Eve anticipating the big day ahead.  In contrast, there is the pure joy and bountiful message of celebration and love that is expressed in the more upbeat “Joy To The World”. Although a little more subdue there is the transcendent “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” that also effectively expresses the joyous spirit of Christmas. And to bring both aspects of comfort and joy there is the amalgamation of both spirits that live in the self-titled track that was previously featured on In A Lifetime.   Concluding with the brand new dreamy and exquisite composition “Wishing For Home”, you realize that from start to finish Wesley manages to harness the spirit of Christmas. In fact, even the artwork expresses this unity with a landscape of a simple but strong Christmas tree that stands alone in a field of virginal snow like a beacon of light to the world that surrounds it.  Wesley’s music is pure and simple that brings both comfort and joy to a season that is many times overwrought with commercialism. After a busy day of rushing around fulfilling our holiday duties, Philip Wesley’s album is a perfect antidote to bring you back to the true reality of Christmas; peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.”  Michael Debbage- Solo Piano Publications

In A Lifetime- is Philip Wesley’s second solo piano release, and contains eleven original pieces and three covers.  The overall feel of the album is of warmth and contentment. The opening track, “Comfort and Joy,” expresses the feeling of anticipation at the approaching holidays and all that goes with them. “Equestrian Dream” is beautiful and has that peaceful, flowing quality. “Greensleeves” is an interesting arrangement, with changing time signatures and moods in the variations. It starts out simply with the melody, and builds with each variation, ending up at a galloping pace complete with a big glissando.  I love the delicacy of the melody and its poignant feeling.  The title track is one of the best on the CD, I think. Both reflective and optimistic, this seems to be Wesley’s true voice. “Love Remembered” is a lovely, bittersweet ballad. Tender and nostalgic, this is another favorite. “Nights in White Satin” is a cover of The Moody Blues’ classic hit. A lot of liberties are taken with the arrangement.   And then there’s “Ode To a Composer,” another interpretation of the “Canon in D.” It’s a very nice improvisation.  “Pursuit of Passion” is a beautiful piece with a gentle, simple melody. “Windows to the Soul” is another favorite. Warm and sincere without flash, this piece comes from the heart.  Overall, “In a Lifetime” is a very soothing and enjoyable follow-up to “Finding Solace.”  Kathy Parsons- Mainly Piano Publications

Finding Solace-  is Philip Wesley’s debut recording, and consists of twelve original and very personal piano solos. Most of the tracks have a lovely, soothing flow to them, and there is a gentle simplicity to Wesley’s approach that is elegant and heartfelt.  The CD opens with “At This Moment,” which is based on an improvisation.  Thoughtful and optimistic.  “Celestial Reverie” is much more expansive and open – as the title suggests, a little bit sparkly and a lot dreamy. “Journey Home” was the first piano piece Wesley ever composed. Inspired by a college music writing assignment, the piece is peaceful, but also has a sense of moving forward. “Lamentations of the Heart” is much sadder, but is very beautiful and deeply emotional – I love this track! “Ocean of Color” refers to autumn colors, and is a bit more abstract and improvisational. “Tabatha’s Song” is about first love, and has a sweet poignancy and innocence. “The Awakening” comes from deep introspection and the internal journey of reevaluating one’s life. Wesley shares the experience with grace and openness.  “Finding Solace” is an excellent debut, and I look forward to hearing future projects! I have enjoyed this album a lot!


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Dark Night of the Soul: Turning Deep Emotional Pain into a Hit Album. 

After a painful divorce and major life changes, solo piano artist Philip Wesley channeled his deep emotional angst into his music, rising up to become one of today’s most popular solo piano artists in the country.

Solo piano artist/composer Philip Wesley has charted #1 on the iTunes charts, the top 100 on Amazon, a best seller at CDBaby, and reached #12 on the Billboard Charts, all for the ‘New Age’ music category.  His music continues to dominate the genre with his most popular album ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

Philip Wesley’s album ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ is not your ordinary solo piano album from an independent artist.  The album is a music allegory for a journey through deep depression, debilitating anxiety, angst, and healing.  The result is emotionally powerful artistry which legions of people connect with, relate to their own life experiences and as a consequence, has effected both change and personal growth in it’s listeners.

With songs like ‘The Approaching Night’, ‘Darkness Falls’, ‘Dark Night of the Soul’, ‘Light & Shadow’, ‘Lamentations of the Heart’, ‘Into the Light’, and ‘New Day’, each song on this theme album takes you on a journey progressing through darkness and coming out of the other side into hope.   As one fan said, “Your music is so sad yet so hopeful at the same time.  It’s like listening and knowing that everything is going to be ok”

Philip Wesley said, “Before and during my own divorce, I felt like my life was over.  Like being in a deep, dark pit, escape felt hopeless.  I felt truly helpless; it was the darkest and lowest point in my life.  However, I took those gut-wrenching emotions and channeled it into my art.  The result blew me away, eventually the songs began to explode on different platforms on the Internet and began to go completely viral.”

To this day, people come up to Philip Wesley at live shows and ask him, “How do you put so much depth and feeling into your songs?  It’s absolutely astonishing.”  Others talk about how his music has literally got them listening to the solo piano genre when they had no interest before.  Many have expressed wanting to learn how to play the piano, and more specifically, his music, when they previously were not drawn to the piano at all.   “It’s one thing to write music, it’s another to write music so captivating that it actually effects change in people’s lives while at the same time blessing me beyond measure.  I think that is the most pleasant of surprises.  Now I have a demographic of people out there actually learning, and performing my music, enriching their lives and those who hear it.  What a blessing that is, my life has never been sweeter.”